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Professional driver service

We will provide you with a professional driver to transfer your car if, for medical reasons, you are unable to do it yourself, or if you have suffered an accident.

Servicio de Chofer Profesional para Transporte de Coches
Drive4me Drivers

A driver to transfer your car

We pick up your vehicle on the day and at the place indicated.

Servicio de Chofer Profesional para Transporte de Coches
Transporte de Coches

Yes, we drive your car to transport it

Transporte de Coches

We do not rent vehicles


Transporte de coches

We do not transport by tow truck

Transport de Cotxes

We do not perform urban services or low cost

Transporte de Coches
We do not act as a taxi to take your family on vacation


Transporte de coches

We drive throughout the Schengen area

Transporte de coches

Dealing directly with the customer

Transporte de coches

Vehicle with all documents in order and sufficient fuel

Transporte de coches

Don't be fooled by other disreputable suppliers

You are in good hands

Don't be fooled by other disreputable suppliers

Trasladamos tu Coche
We transfer your car

There are times when our clients need to have their car moved to their holiday destination and don't have the time.

Contact us and we will organise it in such a way that you will not have to worry about anything.

Servicio Tele ITV. Le pasamos la ITV a tu coche
We pass the ITV

Not to you, but to your car. Well you know how it works. We ask for an appointment, we pass the inspection and you can sleep soundly. Right now, we only provide service in the ITVs of Lleida, Borges Blanques, Fraga and Barbastro

Traslado de Coches
Personalised Attention

Remember that you will be always in touch with our driver. He will be the only person who will venture to drive your vehicle with the utmost care. You will see that he won't complain!

Servicio de Chofer Profesional
On the move 365 days 24/7 hours

Available 8,760 hours a year, for whatever you need, even on Sundays the days when we don't attend mass!

Envio urgente de llaves
Lost keys?

You have lost your car keys and you have spare keys at home. We will pick them up and bring them to you while you think about what to cook for dinner.

traslado de coches
We are insured

We have an insurance policy that covers any possible damage we may cause to your vehicle while in our custody. seguro Terranea

Here we are

This is the team that will provide you with the service you deserve..

It is important for you to know that we are the only ones who will drive your car. We do not "pass it on" to different amateur drivers, in order to reduce costs, nor do we rent it to third parties to match the journeys.

We work in a direct way, without subcontracting or being subcontracted. As my grandmother used to say: "Be aware; there is no such thing as a free lunch"

Chofer Traslado Coches

Oscar C.

driver and manager

  • He loves to drink wine with soda, especially if it is a 2005 Chateau Petrus.
Chofer Traslado Coches

Sergi C.

driver and manager

  • When he drinks he comes back home by taxi

Chofer Traslado Coches

Blai M.

driver scholar

  • He fell into a Pantene pot when he was a kid, that's why he has such a gorgeus hair
Chofer Traslado Coches

The dog

Security guard!

  • Guau!
Chofer para el Transporte de Coches
"Rotonda sin fuente, de frente."
OSCAR C., driver and manager

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” Henry Ford

We handle our clients' vehicles as if they were our own.

  • By caring well for the vehicle we avoid accidents, potential breakdowns and high fuel consumption.

  • We reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the engine.

  • We arrive a little later, but we arrive. Undamaged vehicle and happy c ustomer.

Remember that we collect and deliver your vehicle on the same day, and we transport it by driving it.

Let's solve your doubts

The things clear and the chocolate thick.


Must the vehicle's documents be in order?

Of course, as well as being up to date with the ITV (MOT), and they must also have compulsory insurance, with roadside assistance.

They must also be in good mechanical condition, including good tyre condition and sufficient fuel level.

The client must be the owner of the vehicle, the one who authorises us to provide the service. No in-laws or friends.


What if the vehicle breaks down?

In the event of a breakdown, we will act as usual. We will call the roadside assistance of the insured vehicle, so that it can be towed to the destination indicated by the owner.

Said assistance will take charge of returning the driver to his home.

If this need is not covered, the customer shall bear the costs


What happens if we have an accident?

If the accident is ta third’s party fault, we will fill in the Agreed Statement of Facts and notify the roadside assistance as in the previous point. If the accident is our fault, we will also call the roadside assistance to take the vehicle to the assigned repair shop.

Our insurance company will take care of the repair costs, as indicated in point 7.


I received a fine

If the date and time of the fine falls within the time frame in which the vehicle was in our custody, you will be able to identify the driver based on the contract signed during the hiring process.

Remember that the contract specifies the pick-up and drop-off time of the vehicle.


When do I have made the payment for the booking or service?

Bookings must be paid for before the service is carried out. Until payed for, the booking will not be considered as such. No service is confirmed until payment has been made. You can pay by bank transfer, credit/debit card, or if you prefer in cash directly to the driver, upon collection of the vehicle.


Can I cancel my booking?

We have already told you that this service must be paid before the service is carried out. Until that time, the booking will not be considered as such. After receiving the payment, we move to the next stage. Purchase of tickets for the driver's trip expenses to pick up the vehicle and for his return after the service is done (train, bus, plane, taxi). These expenses are non-refundable. The client will be required to pay 50% of the remaining amount of the service in the event of cancellation during the 10 days prior to the service or failure to appear at the pick-up point. The rest of the payment, if i made, will be refunded.

You should also bear in mind that we may cancel a service or reservation in the event that the information provided by the client is incomplete, contradictory or erroneous, in such a way as to hinder, cause delays, or hamper the correct provision of the service. This may be interpreted as a modification of the booked service or contract, with the client incurring the cancellation costs.


Our insurance cover

We have an All-Risks insurance per days, in case of damage caused by the driver's fault.

Vehicle assistance
· Damage with excess of 210 € (which does not have to be paid by the customer)
· Vehicle rescue.
· Damage with excess of 210 € (which does not have to be paid by the customer)
· Theft
· Fire
· Windscreens up to 200 €
Vehicles with a value over 75.000 € are not insurable.

Click here to download the general conditions


Let's fill in the contract

If you decide to hire our services, we will ask you for some brief information to fill in a contract which you will then read and sign. The time of pick-up and delivery of the vehicle will be specified in the contract. Photographs showing all angles of the vehicle will also be added.

We are committed to do so by our insurance to avoid misunderstandings later on.


How much will I pay for the transfer of my car?

This is not a cheap service, and I will explain why.

1. Our driver has to travel to where the vehicle is. This entails travel costs (train, bus, plane, taxi).
2. On arrival at the transfer destination, the same thing happens but in reverse. Our driver has to return to his point of origin.
3. Bear in mind that every time we carry out a transport, we take out a comprehensive insurance policy, and this is not exactly cheap.
4. Fuel costs and possible tolls are the client's responsibility. If we have to make a refuelling stop, you will have to pay these costs.


Here you have a working example

Our real client asked us to pick up his vehicle in Baqueira-Beret and transfer it to Madrid. Our rate for this journey is 250€, plus transfer and the cost of the driver's return (train, bus, plane, taxi).

In this particular case it was agreed with the client that the driver will travel to Baqueira by taxi (180€). Once the vehicle was delivered in Madrid, he returned to its base by AVE train (38€).

The journey took 7 hours. All-risk policy for one day, not included (45€).


What is our working area?

We cover the whole country, always starting from our base in Lleida. We provide direct service without intermediaries or subcontractors
Remember that you are at all times in contact with the person in charge of transporting your.


Who will drive my car?

It is important for you to know that we are the only ones who will drive your car. We do not "pass it on" to different amateur drivers, in order to reduce costs, nor do we rent it to third parties to match the journeys.
Without going into any further argument, we are aware that this is the way some companies operate.

We work directly, without subcontracting or being subcontracted by other companies, which, as my grandmother used to say: "Be aware; there is no such thing as a free lunch"


I want to put a review on google business

We would love to receive your evaluation, if you think it's appropriate, either to praise us or to criticise us, although if it's for the former, we'll give you some sweets.


How do I know you are not thieves and will steal my car?

In point 8 you will have read that we sign a contract. Specifically, it is an "Authorisation to allow a third party to drive a vehicle". This is digitally signed and can be verified here:"


What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is a cryptographic mechanism that allows the recipient of a digitally signed message to identify the originator of that message, and to confirm that the message has not been altered since it was signed by the originator.


If I want to buy a new boomerang, how do I get rid of the old one and keep it from coming back?

Another question that will never get an answer.


Methods of payment

The rates are based on the route requested, as well as the cost of the return journey (bus, train, plane) used by our driver to return home.

These are the payment methods:


Bank transfer

This is the most common method of payment. Please note that a bank transfer can take up to 3 days to arrive.


Virtual POS (TPV)

We have not yet implemented this payment method. Thank you for your patience.


Bizum, Halcash or Money order

Other methods similar to bank transfers but where you do not have to provide certain information.



We also accept this method of payment, if we agree on the time of payment.


In kind

Unfortunately, we disabled this method of payment at the end of the Middle Ages.

Chofer para el Transporte de Coches
"Honey, I'll be back in an hour. If I haven't arrived read it again"
Blai M. trainee driver

“Go ahead, make my day” Harry Callahan

I, i know i'm a pain but remember that:

  • We transport your vehicle by driving it.

  • NNeither by crane, nor by truck, nor by using a quantum meringue disintegrator.

But I'm sure when you call us you'll ask, "Do you have cranes to transport cars?"

Some fees

Quotation of some real cases.
The exact cost of the transport will depend on the day selected and will take into account the cost of the driver's return journeys (train, bus or plane) and also if the driver has to stay overnight.

Transfer from Barcelona to Madrid

from 350€

Fuel and possible tolls not included.

Transfer from Lleida to Vigo

from 460€

Fuel and possible tolls not included.

Transfer from Deltebre to Pontevedra

from 600€

Fuel and possible tolls not included.

Transfer from Málaga to Barcelona

fron 460€

Fuel and possible tolls not included.

Transfer from Lleida to Zaragoza

from 180€

Fuel and possible tolls not included.

Transfer from Geneva to Madrid

from 1.200€

Fuel, possible tolls and flight not included.

Chofer para el Transporte de Coches
"I always travel in the dark because I go faster than light.
"SERGI C., driver and manager

“That's all folks” Porky Looney Tunes

Finally, remember that your vehicle must:

  • Have compulsory insurance with roadside assistance

  • Be up to date with the ITV.

  • Have a full tank of fuel.

Take a look at the website before you call us, you will save a call set-up fee.

In collaboration

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Transporte de coches
Transporte de coches

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